Tunes for classes and sessions are largely drawn from the series Foinn Seisiúin (Books 1, 2 and 3) which are produced by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and contain tunes from all over Ireland in staff notation. Copies of these books are available for purchase at the Bar in An Chultúrlann.

Due to the disappearance of any locally-distinct singing style in the area, before its preservation in recordings, the Club looks to singing styles which have survived to the present day. In order to give members a grounding in this challenging field, the traditional songs and style of the Irish-speaking areas of Munster have been chosen as a starting point. The words of a selection of songs sung in these areas are available for download and you can also download podcasts of them being sung. These songs have, in many cases, come down to us from the seventeenth- or eighteenth- century, so do not be surprised if at first blush the language poses problems. For help with the text, please contact us or consider enrolling in one of our singing classes.

Those who want to develop their knowledge and appreciation of both Irish music and singing through the internet can access the archive of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann or the Irish Traditional Music Archive. These sites will allow members to identify tunes or songs associated with particular events or places or performed by particular people. There are a host of other sites on the internet with a focus on particular types of tunes or instruments.


The Irish Language

For information on classes in the Irish Language throughout Ireland, visit and For classes in Dublin and a virtual book club, visit For a drink and other social events organised through Irish, try A local hill-walking club arranges fortnightly walks in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains for Irish-speakers, details of which are available at An tIonad Buail Isteach is in Dublin City Centre and organises a wide range of activities, details of which can be found at

Those who have children may want help or advice about bringing them up through the medium of Irish. This is available  from

Books and other materials can be obtained from and If you are would like to read a story to your child in Irish, but are afraid that your standard of Irish is not up to it, audio versions of some of the best-loved children’s books available on and can be downloaded here.


The Local Community

Traditional music is at its strongest when it celebrates links with specific localities and events. For a very brief overview of the history of music in the locality, please download our illustrated  Music In Monkstown leaflet. More general information about events recalling the history of the area around the club can be found at As mentioned above, walks led by Irish-speaking guides in the local mountains are listed at

The local primary school (which teaches through the medium of Irish) is at and the web-site of our local GAA club is

Members are encouraged to support and participate in these initiatives.